Member of the Month 2019

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​Each month we nominate a member of the month for their attendance and personal achievements.  It is always a very difficult decision for us, because so many members are doing so well.  We do not nominate members in their first month of membership, when we believe they are at their most motivated.

Member of the Year 2018

Alice has stuck her head up above the parapet yet again this year.  Always willing to give every type of exercise a try, work on her weaknesses and strive for perfection.  Alice always gives 100% in everything that she does and ensures that each exercise is conducted with the best form.

She has never found working out easy, joining us some 5 years + ago when we first opened, Alice never enjoyed exercising and struggled with cardiovascular training.   She is now able to competently and confidently run on the treadmill, do kettlebell exercises with better form than most gym members and relishes the opportunity to get stronger, fitter and healthier.  This is particularly commendable as she recently reached 60 years of age !!

Well done Alice, you set the highest of example for both younger clients and those of a similar age.  Your improvements across a wide area have been significant and admirable.  Congratulations on your well deserved award from all of the staff.  Keep up the great work.



Kam Bazi has been with us for just under a year now, and has improved significantly across a wide range of fitness activities.  He is much bigger, leaner, fitter and stronger now.  He has been a regular attendee of the gym and this month is actually No1 for attendance.  His training regime is hard and long, demonstrating great athleticism and quick recovery rate.  Kam, you have shown excellent self-discipline and commitment, the results are clear to see and you set a great example to the younger gym members.
Keep up the great work and congratulations once again
 Debbie has been with us for nearly 18 months now and has steadily improved during her time in the gym.  She is a regular attendee of most evening classes, undertakes personal training and also manages to work out on her rigorous training programme, in between very busy work and personal commitments.  We have seen some amazing improvements across a wide spectrum of fitness activities.  Debbie's cardio, strength, core and recovery rate have all significantly improved.  Only this week she also successfully completed an impressive 100kg personal best lift on the hack squat and trap bar deadlift.  
Your nomination this month is well deserved Debbie.  Congratulations and keep up the great work.



Chris joined us at the beginning of the year and has been a regular attendee of the gym.  He has progressed extremely well with his training programme cards and improved significantly in his strength, cardiovascular and general level of fitness.  He is an extremely hard working member, putting his best effort into everything that he does with correct technique.  Your improvements have been very noticeable by the staff and other gym members.  Keep up the great work because you have benefitted greatly as a result.  Well done on your well deserved nomination.

​​Matt has been with us since December 2017 and is an absolute terrier giving 100%+ in everything that he does.  His strength,cardiovascular and overall fitness has improved significantly and this is most definitely down to his individual drive, commitment and willingness to get his training completed at best effort, even when he is lacking motivation or tired.  Matt, you have most definitely stood out in the crowd for all of our staff and you well deserve your nomination this month.  Keep up the great fitness work both inside and outside of the gym !!
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