Self Defence Beginner Course 

Self defence tailored specifically for beginners. This introductory self defence course will teach you techniques that do not rely on strength – including advanced biomechanics. Biomechanics is the art of exploiting the structure of the human body and its natural weaknesses. It is possible to overcome a much larger and stronger opponent if the correct techniques are used. In addition to the physical side, which is loads of fun, you will also learn the highly useful theoretical and psychological side of self defence. ​​​
The course is designed for all levels of fitness and the training is tailored to suit. You will be put through staged realistic encounters where you will be attacked and use your learned skills to effectively defend yourself. Whilst it sounds a little scary – most people find it exhilarating and empowering and feel confident that they can defend themselves having been tested. 

The course is run over a half day. Please contact Mission Fitness UK for availablity and booking. 

Next course date: TBC

Avaialble for 1:1 or as a group, please enquire for pricing and dates


Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Self Defence Instructor

John has gained extensive knowledge and experience within the Security and Fitness industry. John served in the British Army for 9 Years, where he specialised as a bodyguard within the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit. A unit that is world renowned for its professionalism and high quality training, that included unarmed combat. John served in a number of hostile environment Including Iraq, Afghanistan and North Africa where these skills were essential. 

John is also a licensed Level 3 Self Defence Instructor and a member of the UK Self Defence & Martial Arts Guild (UK.SDMAG). The UK.SDMAG is an awarding body for one of the only self defence instructor qualifications in the UK.

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